5 June 2023


Skin Tips

Does Drinking Water Really Help Your Skin Look Younger?

Consumed enough water everyday has numerous benefits for overall your body health.

In addition to hydration and disease prevention, water can also contribute to maintaining youthful facial skin!

You need to know, that pproximately 54 percent of the human skin is composed of water. It means that the skin requires adequate hydration to maintain its moisture levels. Therefore, sufficient water intake plays a crucial role in supporting overall skin health.

Dehydration or lack of water can result in dry, flaky skin that is more susceptible to premature aging. Furthermore, many people, particularly women, aspire to have wrinkle-free skin.

Drinking enough water can give you amount of good benefits, such as increased skin moisturization, improved skin tone, prevention of acne breakouts, and reduced signs of aging. A well-hydrated body retains fluids, resulting in firmer and more elastic skin.

When the skin is more elastic, the risk of developing fine lines and wrinkles is minimized.

However, drinking water alone may not be enough. Proper skincare and treatments are still necessary to prevent skin aging.

One of the option to maintain youthful and healthy skin is to consider the Infusion treatment offered by SKIN+.

The Infusion treatment utilizes Dermo Electro Poration technology and promotes healthier skin while nourishing it, thereby accelerating skin cell growth.

The Infusion treatment from SKIN+ can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your skin, as it utilizes active ingredients that are customized for you. Take a step towards achieving your skin goals by visiting the nearest SKIN+ clinic for professional skincare!